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Who will win the race of Electric Scooters?

Who will win the race of Electric Scooters?

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Hasmukh Suthar
·Jul 3, 2021·

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In India, there has recently been a significant move toward electric vehicles (EV). This may be due to public awareness of environmental issues or increasing fuel costs.

A number of Made-in-India 2W EV companies, such as Ather, Revolt, and many more have already released a few models. Other businesses are aiming to debut before the end of the year.

But does this imply that the race will be won by the first-movers, such as Ather?

The simple answer is no. Allow us to explain.

OEMs like Hero, Suzuki, and Bajaj have been tipped to introduce a few electric scooters by next year.

Even if these goods aren't as excellent as Ather's, they're likely to sell well, until their scooters are rendered useless.

How? 'Distribution Network' is the answer. OEMs such as Hero have a large distribution network in the nation that covers tier 2/3 and rural areas.

They may simply make use of this network to spread their goods to every part of the nation.

And it will take a long time for new businesses like Ather to reach tier-2/3 cities. As a result, I think that the old OEMs will win this battle by a significant margin.

The future is unquestionably electric, and it will be fascinating to watch how these businesses implement their new tactics in the time to come.

Who do you believe could be the winner of this race, the incumbents or the new entrants, and why?

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