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No-Code Stack for Nexloop.

No-Code Stack for Nexloop.

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·Jul 3, 2021·

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It's been a month since we first launched Nexloop . I felt obliged to code the whole website since I knew HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The introduction of No-code tools, on the other hand, altered everything.

Let me first explain what Nexloop is and what it accomplishes. We assist young engineers in breaking into the rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle sector. We do this by providing an interesting learning environment as well as industrial initiatives.

Returning to the technology, we intended to begin with pre-registration while our material was being prepared on the side. This meant that there was no sense in spending time and money developing a website and LMS until we had a specific number of users.

Our request was straightforward. We need a basic landing page website that would allow us to collect pre-registrations from interested individuals. We also needed another technology that could perform the functions of a learning management system (LMS) (learning management system).

On nocodecheatsheet.com, I looked through a number of no-code tools. Finally, I compiled a list of a handful that met my requirements. Bubble, Carrd , and Webflow were among them.

I chose webflow for its simplicity of use since it has a very low learning curve assuming you know html and CSS.

Nexloop also makes use of the following no-code tools:

Trippeto : Trippeto is a free and strong typeform alternative. For visitors, we created an interactive quiz.

Mailchimp : It is a no-cost email marketing service. We can capture and store emails, which may subsequently be utilized in marketing efforts.

Integromat : Integromat was used to automate email capturing. It essentially collected emails for the quiz and saved them in Mailchimp. As soon as each user finished the quiz, Mailchimp sent them an email.

Hotjar : Hotjar is a website analytics tool that allows you to see how visitors interact with your site. It generates a heatmap of the visitor's activities.

Google Analytics : For the analytics side of the company, we utilized G-analytics. It was very simple to integrate it with Webflow.

We're also exploring Teachable or Canva as LMS options. After we finish with the material, we'll complete it.

That's all there is to it. Simple no-code tools that can be deployed in less than a week.

Please let me know if you know of any better no-code tools or if you need any assistance with these tools.

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