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Economy of Simplicity.

Economy of Simplicity.

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Hasmukh Suthar
·Jul 3, 2021·

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Have you ever attempted to read a newspaper's 'Economics' section and found that you couldn't understand much of what was written?

This is a problem in many sectors, where jargons and industry-specific terms are used so often that they are difficult for the average individual to comprehend.

Few people saw this issue as an opportunity and addressed it via their company.

Companies that transform complicated information into simple, easy-to-understand content will be the next major wave in the startup sector.

We can already see some these businesses that have grown their communities via simplicity.

Few that I know:

  • Finshots : Simplifies Finance and Stock Market.
  • BimaPe : Simplifies Insurance
  • Simplanations: Simplifies business and technology
  • NexLoop: Simplifies EV's.

If you know any similar businesses then feel free to comment down below.

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